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Over 60% of the state of North Carolina is covered in forests. This translates to just about fourteen billion trees, and when we embark on a construction project, our teams are cognizant of how each plot of land interfaces with the larger forest ecosystem.

We know that we have construction plans to carry out and that there are certain things that have to be leveled, cleared, and prepped, but we don’t rush. We use careful consideration when choosing if and what to remove from a site. Our mission is to create the mountaintop oasis of your dreams that works with the natural landscape, not against it.

From the moss on the forest floor to the very tops of the trees, we take it all into consideration. Before removing a tree, for example, we look at the effects that it will have on the larger native environment. From the oxygen it provides the atmosphere to the shade it casts on the forest floor, each and every tree is carefully considered when we’re working on a site. We strive to make as small of a footprint as possible. We even take soil conservation into consideration. We look to see what sort of impact removing the tree and corresponding root system will have on the face of that mountain.  With all these factors acknowledged and defined, only then do we make a decision.

Conservation in the world of construction is two-fold, though: What you take out or away but also what you put in. We ensure that any sort of chemicals or materials that are present on a job site are carefully monitored to ensure the mark we leave on the land surrounding the home is minimal. Our machines don’t run longer than absolutely necessary and we try to avoid using unsustainable products when possible.

The architectural work itself is also designed to be complimentary to the landscape; we don’t want our projects to stick out, but instead blend with the native world around them. This is why you’ll see that our teams utilize natural wood accents and a neutral color palate to create a cohesive look.

Our teams continue to be blown away by the natural beauty that this region has to offer. We believe that it is not our right but our duty to preserve as much of it as we can while catering to meet the needs of our clients. Start the conversation about your mountaintop home today by calling (828) 743-4124.

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