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Warm Wood Features

Westmark Construction of North Carolina is one of the leading builders in the Cashiers and Sapphire regions. We pride ourselves on the quality of construction we present to not only our clients but to the region we have the privilege of working in. This region, rich with natural history and living beauty is something we utilize when creating custom home designs.

Our luxury cabins bring the beauty of the outdoors inside for the future homeowners to enjoy. We often incorporate a strategic use of exposed wood beaming, hardwood flooring, and other timber details that operate with both functionality and visual appeal.

In a recent project, the main staircase featured a plentiful amount and a wide variety of lumber materials that were each carefully chosen with a specific purpose in mind. The treads of the staircase, for instance, were fashioned from yellow pine wood. Southern yellow pine wood is renowned for being strong, durable, and its ability to stand the test of time. Whether natural or treated (we use a combination of both depending on need and usage), the soft, light color of the grain instantly warms a space. This touch also adds an element of uniqueness while acting as a strong support for the structure. Southern yellow pine is one of the densest pine woods available. In addition to these many traits, Southern yellow pine also has a long history as one of America’s first renewable resources and can be found growing wild throughout the Southern parts of the United States.

With yellow pine underfoot, the attention on the staircase turns to the ornately carved banisters and handrails. The warmth and straight grain of the Eastern white pine was chosen to showcase the high-quality craftsmanship that went into its construction and compliment both the yellow pine treads and the ponderosa pine that was used for flooring throughout this particular home.

While pine wood is often lumped together as a single type of lumber, there are actually many different varieties that can then, in turn, be used for a wide variety of construction projects. The Westmark Construction team is well-versed in the traits of each of these type and analyzes everything from hardness and density to grain and color. Can you see yourself living in a mountaintop luxury cabin surrounded by the natural woods of the region?

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